29, Jun, 2004
Catania, Italy
Homepage: http://www.ieeta.pt/lse/rtn2004/Outside Link
Sponsors: EUROMICRO TC-RTSOutside Link
Deadline: 23, Apr, 2004

RTN focuses on the current technological challenges of developing communication infrastructures that are real-time, reliable, pervasive and interoperable. These infrastrutures are the bottom layer that supports a myriath of services upon which modern societies depend in unprecedented ways. For example, military, transportation, telecommunications, industrial and space systems as well as environment, clima and assets monitoring achieved a level of performance that can only be sustained with more abundant, accurate and timely source information, which in turn is used to support better management, planning and control. However, as the sources of information spread out and the amount of generated information increases, the burden on the communication infrastructure grows, posing many technical challenges such as those related with achieving real-time operation, dependability and flexibility over different media and with the most diverse, including dynamic, topologies.

CISTER's main roles:
Luis Miguel Pinho
Program Committee
Eduardo Tovar
Program Committee

CISTER's participants:
Filipe Pacheco
Nuno Pereira