Seminar Series 2014 - Nuno Pereira

Seminar Series 2014 - Nuno Pereira

Efficient Network Flooding and Time Synchronization with Glossy
11, Feb, 2014 11:00-12:00 (1 hour)
CISTER Building (ISEP/IPP), Porto, Portugal

In this talk, we will review Glossy, a novel flooding architecture for wireless sensor networks. Glossy performs fast network flooding by making concurrent transmissions of the same packet interfere constructively, allowing a receiver to decode the packet even in the absence of capture effects. Glossy also has the added benefit of achieving implicit time synchronization. The paper includes an extensive evaluation showing that Glossy floods packets within a few milliseconds, and time synchronization with an average error below one microsecond. In most cases, a node receives the flooding packet with a probability higher than 99.99%. Moreover, Glossy's performance exhibits no noticeable dependency on network node density.
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