Seminar Series 2018 - Joel Pinto & Rúben Gonçalves

Seminar Series 2018 - Joel Pinto & Rúben Gonçalves

Experimental analysis of RTEMS in multi-core platforms
20, Sep, 2018 12:00-12:30 (30 minutes)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

In the most recent years, the demand for the use of embedded multiprocessor systems in everyday products and in critical systems has grown exponentially, forcing the real-time community to follow this trend. And for that, the development and adaptation of RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) to multiprocessor platforms became critical. Meanwhile, a new case of multiprocessor platforms appeared, SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessor), a case that affected the community and made most of the RTOS to be adapted to this new kind of platform. RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems), a free open source real-time operating system designed to support embedded applications with the most stringent real-time requirements while being compatible with open standards such as POSIX, was one of those RTOS who was recently adapted to SMP platforms by the community1. Unfortunately, this adaptation is still not perfect, and for what is done, a lot of testing must be performed, to verify the correct implementation and behaviour of the protocols and mechanisms that had been adapted to Symmetric Multiprocessing. So, the aim is therefore to do investigation on RTEMS, making use of QEMU to emulate a SMP platform. On an earlier phase, this work contemplates studying and understanding the innerworkings of RTEMS, followed with the creation of a new feature to help the understanding of the operating system, the development of samples tests (RTEMS APPLICATION) to test the directives implemented for SMP environments, and finally the implementation of a famous case study.

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