Target Candidates and Access Qualifications

The MSc is open not only for students holding a degree in Computer Engineering or related field (national and international), but also to graduates or masters from other areas, in particular from the STEM areas, having in this curriculum an opportunity to carry out an upgrade or a professional requalification.

Entry Requirements

According to article 17 of Decree-Law 74/2006 can apply for access to the cycle of studies leading to the degree of Master:

  1. Holders of the degree of Licensee or legal equivalent, preferably in Computer Engineering or related area;

  2. Holders of a foreign higher academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized in accordance with the principles of Bologna by a State adhering to this Process;

  3. Holders of a foreign higher academic degree that is recognized as meeting the objectives of the degree of “licenciado” by the Technical-Scientific Council of ISEP;

  4. Holders of a school, scientific and professional curriculum which is recognized as attesting to the capacity of the ISEP Technical-Scientific Council to carry out this cycle of studies.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for the selection of candidates are defined by the notice of the opening of the respective competition, in recent years, the notice calls for candidates for enrollment to be selected by a jury, taking into account the following points:

  1. Academic curriculum;

  2. Scientific curriculum;

  3. Professional curriculum.

How to Apply?

Apply at ISEP website