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KhronoSim Final Evaluation meeting in Coimbra

24, Jul, 2019

On July 24, CISTER Researcher Cláudio Maia attended the final evaluation meeting for the KhronoSim project.
In this meeting two evaluators assessed the project in terms of achieved objectives and results. After careful evaluation and discussion, the project was deemed a success as all the objectives for the project were achieved, resulting in the development of two demonstrators for the KhronoSim test platform: an automotive instrument cluster and a satellite.
In the project, among other tasks, the CISTER team was responsible for studying the state of the art of emulation for multicore systems and integrating the KhronoSim test platform with the selected emulator. The emulator selected for the project was QEMU, one of the most versatile emulators currently available in the market, on top of which CISTER developed the KhronoSim QEMU Module that allows one to instance, manage and control, via the KhronoSim platform, several QEMU instances.

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