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THERMAC physical kick-off meeting at CISTER

24, May, 2019

From May 22 to 24, CISTER hosted the physical kick-off meeting of the European project THERMAC. THERMAC is a Clean Sky 2 H2020 project that targets the development of thermal aware software management solutions for multicore and GPU based computing platforms for the next generation of small aircraft. CISTER leads the project with CISTER's researchers Eduardo Tovar and Geoffrey Nelissen being the project's Coordinator and Technical Leader, respectively.

This project attempts to answer a specific problem posed by Honeywell International in the 8th call for proposal of the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking. The project aims at increasing the guaranteed performance of multicore+GPU systems by 30% for an equivalent thermal profile, and at reducing the operational temperature by 20% for an equivalent guaranteed performance level.
The first physical meeting held in CISTER's facilities had the following goals: better understanding the specific constraints of the problem defined by Honeywell; start identifying a first set of promising solutions to improve the thermal properties of avionics systems; and study potential processing platforms for the demonstrators that will be developed during the project.

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