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Research without borders

3, Jan, 2024
 Internationalization is a very important aspect for us, which is why new researchers from different countries with different cultures arrive every year, sharing their knowledge in the field of real-time systems and embedded systems to achieve technological and academic progress.

Since its creation, CISTER has worked with students, teachers, and researchers from more than 30 different nationalities, with English being the main language of communication, which serves as the basis for a common understanding. 

Over the years, we have proudly helped dozens of students from a wide variety of backgrounds to complete their higher education courses. In 2023, 9 of our members, of various nationalities, presented their PhD and MSc thesis.
We currently bring together talented and experienced people from 16 countries, spread across 4 continents: Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, Sweden, France, Portugal, Greece, Iran, Pakistan, Tunisia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, India and China. (View map)
In the future, we hope to be able to increase this diversity even further.